Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm a comin

3 days til New York. Countdown commence!

I am definitely in a better head space than I have been for the last week, being a crying mess. I can appreciate that I am an incredibly emotional being who notes the importance of feeling what I need to feel, but man I was starting to fret over when my normal heady pining for my beloved city would drown out those incessant tears. Don't get me wrong folks, still crying every day, because that's just a given, but I am starting to get the itch to be back in my true love's embrace. For starters I have been garage sale-ing something fierce and let me tell you, my apartment in NY, should I not end up a bag lady on the street, is going to be a bohemian dream. And secondly, my thoughts have begun to wander back to all that I find true and good about my soul mate:

I keep picturing picnics in Bryant Park
Subway rides
Oh my friend has already asked me if in a few weeks I would like to do dinner in Cobble Hill. Um, could that sound more New York posh?! I think not.
Coffee in Brooklyn
Sweating profusely in Central Park
Serendipity's... not that I will be able to afford it for probably a year, but I will walk by and peak in the window and have filthy thoughts about that frozen hot chocolate.
Hand-squeezed lemonade in Little Italy
Getting lost and found on many a New York street
The Strand-yes!

Okay, I could go on forever, baby. But I won't tease you with all the stories of my budding romance. Don't want you to feel jealous. Anyway, I have a Bon Voyage party to attend. Hoorah!

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