Sunday, May 20, 2012

late night cravings

I know, I know. I owe you a part deux to my Gatsby post and trust me it's in the works, but something was overtaking me and I had to write about it: Late night cravings. And no, not the kind you're thinking. Though of course right now I would love the leftover key-lime cake with oozing sugary white frosting that's beckoning from the fridge, but alas, there is something else occupying my thoughts. And there's no better way than to share than in the fashion that it's flitting through my mind. In a frantic list.

mad cravings right now:

to become a surfer bum at least once in my life and have really scraggly beach hair and a sick tan
to own a really great dog
acquire more tattoos, a lot more I'm afraid
experience mind-numbing beauty, whether it be in the form of mountains, seas, cities, people, conversation--i want to bathe in it
to become ridiculously adept at push-ups, pull-ups and at least one really choice, yet difficult and impressive workout move
to take part in a sports team--gone are the days of me saying, "oh you probably wouldn't want me on your team, i'm not that athletic." wrong. you want me
to save the dolphins. okay, even just one. i want to be a vigilante and there are a lot of causes i care about, but i really want to save the dolphins, man
to learn another language, preferably finnish, because that's what i'm mostly made up of, but i am open to others
become quite good at a musical instrument. even if it's just the tambourine. i need to be musically inclined. it's not too late; i'm only 25
see the loch ness monster. don't judge me. that's legitimate
cruise on a pirate ship. again, could totally happen. and will happen. okay, but not with real pirates. i hear they are quite ruthless. though i'm quite charming, so maybe it'd be fun?
read all of the bible
be a part of a flash mob
recite poetry in an airport. loudly
take an epic photograph of the northern lights
learn to meditate really well
get to be lucy and have a desi for at least one halloween of my life

to buy a one way ticket to NY. oh wait, did that yesterday! and one thing on the list of cravings fulfilled. check


Lex said...

Next time I'm in Scotland you are more than welcome to join me on a hunt for Nessie. I sat on Loch Ness a couple years ago and was looking for that little sea monster myself. It's truly one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and knowing you I can only imagine that it will send you into sensory overload.

Stephanie Jane said...

(double like) So excited for you! :)

Miz Delphi Chassis said...

You were, by far, my favorite contestant. I love the person you were, are, and will be! I hope that one way ticket to New York does you well. I lived in the big city for a few years in my 20's, and it was an awesome experience. It's also where I learned about hiking, the Appalachian Trail, and thru-hiking. Beware, that's an addicting sport. Good luck on your adventures, and I look forward to reading your continued adventures on your blog.