Saturday, June 11, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

I apologize profusely dear readers, for I have been negligent. So much so, that I fear I may have lost some of you. But negligence no more! I am back. From many things in fact... back from my writing hiatus, back from New York and back in my home state(for a short time).
Such changes, before and behind me have been nothing short of bittersweet. A piece of my heart stayed behind in Wisconsin when I left and will remain there for all my days to come. Another part of my heart grew, maybe even to an abnormal bursting point like the Grinch's, however, on my most recent trip to my beloved city, NY.
I have known for some time that New York is where my soul belongs, but after spending a week there apartment hunting, oh let me tell you: New York was specially made for me. Or I was made for New York. Whichever. I am back to regale you mere mid-westerner's about my New York.

Oh there were Michael Jackson impersonators dancing in front of City Hall
Poet's in suspenders typing on type-writers on the Brooklyn Bridge
Mango's being carved into precious edible flowers on the sidewalk
Pizza with sauce so delectable that you could pour it in a glass and gulp it down
Teenagers singing gospel in the subways
Breakfast to be had at Tiffany's. Oh and did Tiffany and I ever bond over bagels.
Bagpipes bellowing in Central Park
Models strutting their stuff, with picture-perfect Vogue smiles amidst their cameramen
Languages I'd like to know rolling off tongues of people I have seen only in J.Crew ads
Guitarists strumming on a swaying subway car and murmuring, "Gracias, gracias," with a tipped hat and a bow
Strapping young lads in their crisp white uniforms strolling Battery Park for Fleet Week--Yumm-o
Cupcakes so decadent that I now understand why Suri Cruise is always eating them, lucky bitch
Impromptu parades busting out in Little Italy
the giant toy soldier greeting at F.A.O Schwarz, which turns out, not just a kids store
And then me, walking serenely back to the subway after a frozen peanut-butter hot chocolate at Serendipity's thinking, can this be love? Can this be happiness?
Oh but it can.

And here I am, back to my roots for a summer of family bonding and nanny diaries before my next big trek into the great unknown.

Don't worry, I'll keep you posted.

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