Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I have landed in our nation's capital folks! Well, landed sounds like I flew and I drove, err, my boyfriend drove, but needless to say I am here! And when I say capital I mean in that vicinity. I actually can see the mountains from my new apartment not the White House, but if you know me at all, you would know that's a view I prefer. I am constantly being wooed by those majestic beauts anytime I am walking by any number of the windows in my apartment that look out on them. It's like falling in love. And once I fall in love--there have been a few times that I have because I am a sucker for it, alluring art that love is--I find that I cannot stop looking at that darling mug, the mug of the face that I am sorely smitten with.

Like right now: I want to stare at him while he's driving, when he's watching football, because lord knows I don't want to watch a football game, or making me dinner, or falling asleep, that one's the best I might add, with all the shadows falling just so on his beard and mussed up hair, and he's getting annoyed (I use the word annoyed loosely) with me because he's getting sleepier than I am and he has to get up early for work, but see I have a real issue with being the last to fall asleep and so I ask if he'll draw on my back and he says fine, but that's he's onto me. Whatever do you mean? Can't a girl just want her back drawn on before falling asleep? He knows it's a tactical maneuver so that I trump his sleepiness and start getting sleepy myself whilst he's occupied drawing on my back. What? At least he loves me back enough to do it even if he's onto my ruse.

Anyway it's like that. The mountains that is. That is how I feel about looking at the mountains. I am always wanting to spy on them. And just stare longingly and mutter sweet nothings under my breath, oh mountains, I so want to be on you right now. What you do to me you temptresses of nature!

Of course I digress when it comes to mountains. Always. So here I am in the land of politics and lovers. Virginia is my actual location. It's fitting. Except I hate politics. But I did see some men in uniform salute the flag the other day and I'll tell ya what, things like that and well the Lincoln Memorial and maybe the aura of authority here do make me a lil hot for D.C. In more ways than one (that's for you dear).

I really can't tell you what this new year will bring as I have decided not to make resolutions this year, aside from this rather large and important one, which I am not even going to call a resolution, but instead my new life mantra that desperately needs working on: Enjoy the present moment. Just be. So I am not going to obsess about when my book will sell and the exact moment when I will figure out my adult life, have a pension and my bills on auto-pay without having a panic attack.

I am just going to be. And honestly I think it will be grand. The other day when my boyfriend asked me if I had written I said, I got close, I wanted to write about how much I hate looking for jobs. He said, oh so wisely,

"Why don't you write about what you love instead."

So here's looking at you kid. Well, you and the mountains.

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