Friday, July 27, 2012

Things to Consider

I want to say that lately I have been hyper-aware of my surroundings, because I am in one of the most majestic cities in existence, but it's not just lately. I find that a lot of the time in life, I am completely bowled over by what God has put together for my roving eyes. Even in little old Fowlerville, MI, my hometown that I gotta be honest I was never particularly struck by or fond of, this past year I have seen it in a whole new light. I would go on my morning runs on this trail that paralleled the railroad tracks by my house, that I hadn't been on since childhood and oh my, I had forgotten how striking the surrounding landscape was. Passing trees and hills that I used to play in with my neighbor and brother, the rows of perfectly lined fields, with one lone tree. Oh those are my favorite! Fields as far as the eye can see and then one big oak smack dab in the center of all that attempted perfection. I always wanted to run out to one of those trees and stay under it all day in the middle of a farmer's field, probably with a book. Mmm. Does it get any better than that? Even the notion? I've never done it, but just the thought is pure poetry. I like the thought.
Which brings me to other thoughts I have been having, that I want you to have.
Ponderings, I should say, or things to consider.


Dogs that sit on stoops ever so politely. And when you walk by they don't bark or get rowdy. They lazily look at you and you look at them, and they're content and you're content. Consider this.
Revving of motorcycles. And not when it's done in an obnoxious show-offy way, but a simple appreciation of seeing how a motorcycle should sound. It's a good sound. A quality sound. And it reminds me of my Uncle Lee. And I am really fond of him. And his amazing motorcycle. Consider motorcycles and all they represent.
Brownstones. What could be more beautiful and enticing than a Brownstone? And when you're walking by one and it's dusk and you can see inside to a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf and possibly a chandelier, such luck. Never ever pass a Brownstone without considering a peek inside if you can get one. It's pure decadence.
The song, Float On, by Modest Mouse. Seriously I don't need to say more, consider this song.
Rooftop Gardens. If you can get to one, or experience one, take a moment. They are nothing to be trifled with. Definitely worth all sorts of consideration.
Twinkly lights. Oh my gosh. Anywhere you see twinkly lights, stop and take them in with your next breath. They are freaking sensational and completely bespeak of magic. Wherever you find twinkly lights, consider them.
New York City firetrucks, complete with firemen. Every time I see this I have to stop, whether they are going fast in an emergency or slowly making their way down the street. This is a powerful and soul-stirring sight. Always consider firetrucks and yes, also firemen, but of the New York City variety, well you are in for a real treat.
The movie, Little Miss Sunshine. What a gem. If you need affirmations on the awkward and incredible parts of life and people, watch this film and consider the quotes, especially the ones at the end. They are worth considering, for sure.
Folksy tunes. Ok, come on, you probably all know by now how I feel about folksy tunes, but I don't know if I could be more seduced by such lyrical genius in bands like The Lumineers, The Head and The Heart, Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros(I could go on, but those are my fave, faves!) Seriously, even if you aren't the folksy type, consider these bands for their words, their complete and utter power to describe emotion, human connection, the soul. If nothing else consider them artists.
Breezes. Okay, hands down if I were to tell you my top five favorite things in the universe, this would make the list. I love a good solid breeze. I mean I love it like you couldn't fathom. Seeing trees bend and whip with a good wind gets me all in a tizzy of delight. Or when the wind picks up all out of nowhere and leaves start doing a twirling tango in the middle of the street and you check out the sky and see that a storm is most definitely brewing, oh man, the best kind of breeze. Man, consider the wind and that is absolutely God. God made that breeze. And it is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

This is such a small list of conisderations and they just happened to be ones that hit me all in a matter of a few days time. Start considering more and I promise you will be left longing for more. This world is filled with awe, waiting for you to swallow it up. Ahh, consider that, my friends.

Consider that.


Anonymous said...

Folksy folks to listen to:
-Brandi Carlile (my #1)
-Newton Faulkner
-Chris Pureka
-David Wax Museum
-Elephant Revival
-The Punch Brothers
...and more...
(I'm a folkie;))

flemingavenue said...

From traverse city Michigan myself. Your writing put me into a happy place. When I loved in TC I purposely walked along a group of brownstones, just for a peek at the stunning interior. What was the cherry on top? The fact I was listening too Mumford and sons while reading this.