Thursday, August 4, 2011

You had it all wrong, Ariel

I like to believe that in another life I was once a mermaid, for I have a deep affinity for the water. I like to splash and I like to frolic. I like to imagine underground caverns and castles. I like the idea of communicating with dolphins. Or even scuttle. And I especially like being weightless.
A few weeks back I spent a dollar on a pair of goggles. It was one of the finest dollars I have ever spent. Looking at the icy blue depths of Lake Superior is as close as I've ever gotten to my mermaid roots and I couldn't get enough of my new underwater vision. This isn't to say I haven't ever used goggles before. No, don't be silly, of course I have. But not in Lake Superior. Not in one of the most pristine bodies of water on this planet.
I swam deeper than I've ever gone before and farther than I normally would've ventured because I could see the way. And not only was the way clear, but terribly fascinating.
I saw rocks in the shape of steps descending 7 feet below to the sandy bottom and ominous black trenches and even what I thought was some sort of treasure but upon closer inspection was indeed just a sock.
One of the most riveting things I discovered, however, was if I laid on my back and looked up out of the water at the sun... well, to sum up, Ariel you red-headed fool, Prince Eric wasn't worth it!
The sea is a splendor and to view the sun rippling in sparkling clear water, a yellow, bobbing orb of light as you float along, detecting patches of turquoise to your left and to your right, while trying to steady yourself below the surface in order to hold onto the moment when you realize that there are some things in life so exquisite... that they are worth holding your breath for.