Monday, February 21, 2011

I'd take a cowboy

Okay, so I am not sure how many of you are familiar with the Pioneer Woman. She has this wildly popular blog with photography, writing, recipes, oh yeah and she lives on a ranch, married to a cowboy. That lucky bitch.
I cannot quite describe my level of longing for her life. Every time I turn around someone is prattling on about her, showing me her photos, or I run into her book at the bookstore detailing her fantastic love story. I nearly threw it across the store in a fit of rage... or jealousy, I don't know.
Where is my cowboy? Where are my book deals? Why am I not photographing wild horses? Well for starters I don't know how many seriously legit cowboys there are in Wisconsin, farmers, yes, packers fans, aplenty, but sexy would-be John Waynes... haven't met too many thus far. So fine, I may not meet a man who rides a horse and tips his hat to me anytime soon but nothing else is stopping me on the book writing, picture taking and recipes--all things I adore equally if not more than that blasted Pioneer Woman. I could do all that and I have of course been slacking in all departments.
But no more my friends! I have some new and exciting things in store for my blog, my photography and even my cooking! My love life, no. Can't really help ya there, because with all the picture-taking and adventuring I am soon to be having I just can't squeeze in a whirlwind romance. Okay, I probably could... but just one thing at a time!
So you better look out Pioneer Woman, you are not the only one who can wield a camera and knows her way around a kitchen. You have some competition heading your way, partner! So get in the saddle friends, because the real adventures are about the begin! Alright, I'll stop with the Wild West talk, I got carried away.

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