Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wanted: A Good Friend

As is the case with moving to any new locale where you know very few people, you have to start the daunting task of re-acquiring a friend base. This was easy in the second grade:
"Will you be my friend, Elizabeth?"
"Sure Cassandra. I really like your backpack."
"Thanks, my mom bought it for me. I really like your tights."
And, a friendship was born. Pure and simple. One that could probably last you at least until the fifth grade. Unfortunately as an adult, simply asking someone to be your friend will most likely not get you said friend, but make them wonder if you have some sort of social dysfunction.
But as true as it was in the second grade, upon meeting someone I can usually tell within a short time whether or not that person is someone I want to be friends with. Well, that's dandy, but it's sort of like dating--something I loathe--you have to put your best foot forward, exchange phone numbers, wonder if the other person actually wants to hang out with you or if they were just being polite when they said, "we should do coffee soon," start planning get-togethers that both parties are fond of, save all the really gory details about your life for a time when you know they're in it for the long haul.... blah. blah. blah.
It's a big headache! And furthermore, what if you really aren't meeting these would-be friends?! Then you're even farther up crap creek without a paddle, because all the legwork seems welcome compared to no prospects whatsoever!
After making very distinct plans with a prospective friend last night and feeling excited about all the ways in which this friendship could blossom, I was a fit to be tied, when said person NEVER CALLED, as the little worm was supposed to. Even after I hinted that I was getting tired and weren't we still doing something.
Nothing. Nada. Zilch.
I woke up just as angry as I had gone to sleep. Since moving to Green Bay I have met one person so far who I feel truly gets me. And he's moving! My darling Mr. Pierce is leaving me for Madison. Wow, that could be a movie title. Okay, anyway, I am very happy for him and the whirlwind of opportunities unfolding for him, because he deeply deserves it, but I am very distressed for me. Who will go adventuring with me, sample chili at cook-offs and take me on dates to Kavarna?! Who, I say?
I had a bit of a spazz-attack on the way to work this morning over this current conundrum and desperately prodded God for solutions. Do I have to put a bloody ad in the paper saying:
Young, hip girl needs friend. If you are adventuresome, witty, like board games and old-fashioned movies, and feasibly can hang out all the time, then you're my gal/guy. Heavy drinkers, druggers, or partiers need not apply.
I mean, that's just a rough sketch... I haven't given it much thought or anything...
Okay, but honestly, what am I to do? I am totally batting zero here!
And yes, I have met some really great people thus far, don't get me wrong, but I mean, it's just these people might be content hanging out with me once a month or so, and really if I go to one more movie or wine tasting by myself...
Bottom-line: I really have grown quite fond of my own company, more fond of it than I ever imagined I would, however, I'd like to share it with someone else before I become a crazy bag lady who starts talking to squirrels for lack of human companionship.

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OgRe said...

I love this blog post LOL! Oh honey, I'm only an 1.5 hours away! I'm so glad we caught up last Thursday! Hope all is well and we need to hang out le stat :)

P.S. We should go out for coffee Sunday night at the late night coffee house for din din